BNI has been our partner in growth

As a leading provider of small business websites in Geelong, our growth has been strongly supported by BNI. As a member of the BNI Bay City chapter not only has BNI been able to provide a bounty of qualified leads to GOOP, it has also afforded us the ability to draw on a room full off expertise when required at both a personal and a professional level.

At GOOP we pride ourselves on being a major provider of websites to regional and rural businesses Australia wide and BNI Bay City has facilitated introductions to all corners of this magnificent nation.

If you are looking to kick start your business by drawing on expertise but also enhancing qualified leads for your business come in for breakfast and see what it’s all about. You won’t be disappointed.

Karl Morris, Managing Director, GOOP

BNI is structured “word of mouth” advertising

I’ve been a member of many business networking groups. What differs with BNI is the structure, meeting weekly forces you to make a commitment to the process. We gather to talk about our business and to help each other with referrals. The bonus product of this is the friendship and help you are offered whether business related or personal.

The most successful advertising is word of mouth and BNI is a perfect example of how word of mouth can be used as an advertising model.

Rodney Brown, Brown Ink Design

BNI is growing my business

There is no doubt that BNI has been the single most successful factor in growing my business.

Jonathan Harris, JNH Software

100% growth in 2 years

BNI has helped our business grow over 100% in less then 12 months.

Shane McIntosh, I.T. how to

Delivering real business results

I like the fact that the chapter is focused on delivering real business results to the members.

Sharon Hill, PACE Business Services

BNI is my marketing team, supplier and my teacher

To me, BNI is a group of business owners who are my marketing team, supplier of services for my clients, and my teacher.  With the relationships I have built in BNI, I can be sure that members advocate my business to others where appropriate.  I refer other members services to my clients, and have the reassurance of guaranteed high quality of work due to the BNI structure and the high level of accountability amongst the group.

BNI is a great forum to learn how network, build alliances, help others, and ultimately be a better business owner.

Hugh Bowman, ActionCOACH Business Coaching