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How to get more Google Business reviews

February 5, 2018Getting Google reviews is a thankless task that is often seen as time consuming. Whilst traditional methods as advised and suggested by many blogs work well they still require time, resources and effort and if you don’t have these then you will need to pay some one to do this for you. Google reviews are...
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Credit card frequent flyer points and small business

March 11, 2017At BNI we regularly get to talk about our own business and learn about others but we don’t always get to learn about little tricks  for business to make our lives easier. It’s harder and harder for small business to get those little perks we used to. In December 2016 Mark Ainsworth from Momentum Financial...
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What is BNI?

November 15, 2016BNI (Business Network International) is the largest business networking group on the planet. It has thousands of chapters globally and focuses on building your business through local referrals.  By attending meeting on a scheduled weekly basis and having regular one on one meetings with members within the group you get to know how others businesses work...
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The IPhone repair man Geelong

August 9, 2016Buzztech is owned and run by Rhett McGuiness. 12 months ago Rhett was working from home with a wife and a new child. He had been contemplating joining BNI but it was a financial commitment that he was concerned with making. 12 months on since joining BNI, Rhett couldn’t be happier with his decision to join...
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Networking Events Geelong

November 19, 2015Geelong is a vibrant city and contradicts to the constant national media theme of ‘doom and gloom’ in Geelong as propagated by politicians to serve their best interest. Yes we have lost some very old and tired industries that have in reality been dying for a very long time. Glad to see the defibrillators have...
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Business Networking Geelong

September 24, 2015Geelong is a vibrant new age city, nestled on Corio Bay an hour away from Melbourne. Having played a critical role in the Australian economy for traditional  manufacturing and production  Geelong has emerged to take on the challenges of the century. Tourism, building, digitally based businesses and modern production for businesses like Carbon Revolution place Geelong...
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BNI Christmas Break-Up and 7 year anniversary

November 22, 2011Bay City Chapter members and guests gathered at The Geelong Club for a joint celebration. Firstly it was our seven year anniversary and secondly it was our christmas break-up. The Geelong Club really is a terrific venue for families, the children enjoyed playing the lovely garden and loved annoying the chickens. The adults loved the...
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BNI song from YouTube

December 22, 2010If you had to sum up BNI why not write a song, well worth a listen.    

Write it down!

November 22, 2010When BNI members are doing their 60 second infomercial, do you do any of the following: 1. Think about what you are going to say in your 60 second infomercial. 2. Think about what you’ll be doing on the weekend 3. Listen for what you fellow members are asking for. 4. Listen for what you...
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BNI gets physical with Fit For Living

November 15, 2010On a balmy Tuesday evening a number of ambitious Bay City Geelong members joined Tim Leposa from Fit For Living. Tim promised it would be a nice basic “easy” training session. I could go on and on with painstaking descriptions of the moaning and groaning that took place. Best to let the photos tell the...
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