How to get more Google Business reviews

February 5, 2018

Getting Google reviews is a thankless task that is often seen as time consuming. Whilst traditional methods as advised and suggested by many blogs work well they still require time, resources and effort and if you don’t have these then you will need to pay some one to do this for you.

Google reviews are becoming increasingly more important in helping your business market itself online and lack of reviews or bad reviews can do untold damage to your ability to gain new business.

How to get Google reviews

  • Provide such a good service people just naturally write good reviews for you (good luck with this one)
  • Email clients providing a link requesting a Google Review if positive and a personal phone call if negative
  • Have staff request from your clients a positive review if their experience has been positive

Typically this is where the list ends, however the simplest and quickest way to get Google Business reviews in my humble experience is networking at BNI. For anyone familiar with BNI meeting format, each week each individual chapter member has the opportunity to ask your fellow BNI members for a referral. Rather than asking for a business contact as your weekly “referral request” simply request that fellow members, that are familiar with your services/products and the quality of your offerings, write you a Google business review. It’s that easy. Not only is it simple, it provides the members an opportunity to full fill your referral request simply and easily.

At the time of publishing our soon to be 2018 Chapter president (Steve Miller, Bookkeeping) for example has written 13 reviews. Each one of these is for a BNI member or past member.  Another member Shane Davis (Profeet Podiatry, podiatrists Geelong) is incredibly digitally savvy and understands the power of Google reviews, his business has 17 five star reviews. Of the 17 reviews 9 have come from current or past BNI chapter members.  It goes without saying that Steve Miller has written Shane a review.

If you are looking to quickly build genuine positive Google Business reviews the simplest and most powerful thing you can do is, join your local BNI chapter and use this network to boost your online presence. A rare example of how real work networking can have an enormous impact on your digital marketing efforts.

With Chapters across Australia find your nearest BNI chapter here or feel free to join us here in Geelong for Breakfast. Gusets always welcome. Join us for breakfast and leave with business.

“Business Network International (BNI) is an American franchised networking organization with around 227,000 members in 8,211 local chapters worldwide. Members meet weekly to discuss business and support each other’s businesses by sharing referrals” wikipedia

About the Author

Karl Morris is the managing director of GOOP Digital and a BNI member since 2011. Goop Digital is a marketing agency servicing over 700 small to medium business clients Australia wide. GOOP Digital actively supports its clients with all aspects of digital marketing including Google Business listings. GOOP Digital at the time of publishing this review has 22 five star reviews, 10 of which are from existing or past BNI chapter members.  Karl looks after the website and social media for for the BNI Chapter,  Geelong Bay City