Credit card frequent flyer points and small business

March 11, 2017

At BNI we regularly get to talk about our own business and learn about others but we don’t always get to learn about little tricks  for business to make our lives easier. It’s harder and harder for small business to get those little perks we used to.

In December 2016 Mark Ainsworth from Momentum Financial Group offered some fantastic advice on Christmas parties and FBT limits.  This was a fantastic read and very valid for those wanting to claim the Christmas party legitimately for taxation purposes.

Another interesting perk is credit cards. Karl Morris from GOOP Digital is forever travelling. When asked about how you can travel so much Karl will take out his AMEX and happily sell the virtues of using his American Express card to pay for as many work related expenses on his AMEX as possible. Karl said “it doesn’t take long to clock up the points legitimately when they are work related and before you know it you’ll be off to some exotic location reaping some rewards for all your hard work.” Karl uses AMEX and tells everyone he knows to register for an AMEX Card whilst there are some great comparison sites out there to see where you can get great frequent flyer mileage from your credit cards such as finder and credit card compare.

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