The IPhone repair man Geelong

August 9, 2016

Buzztech is owned and run by Rhett McGuiness. 12 months ago Rhett was working from home with a wife and a new child. He had been contemplating joining BNI but it was a financial commitment that he was concerned with making.

12 months on since joining BNI, Rhett couldn’t be happier with his decision to join the Bay City chapter of BNI here in Geelong. He has relocated twice and is now located at 404 LaTrobe Tce here in Geelong. He has a showroom and an office a full time employee and at the time of writing this blog is looking for another full time technical staff member. Buzztech is quickly becoming recognised as Geelong’s premier mobile phone (including IPhone and Samsung Galaxy) repair go to person.

“If it hadn’t been for BNI, I’d probably still be working from my little shed at home. Joining BNI has been one of the greatest business decisions I’ve made in the short term I have been operating. Not only have i received a great volume of referral work from BNI, I have also managed to learn form the vast business knowledge pool that my BNI group is. If you are ever looking to join a business networking group in Geelong, I would make BNI your first port of call.” said Rhett.

For all your Iphone and mobile phone repair needs in Geelong give Rhett a call on 0458 487 093

Rhett McGuiness