Networking Events Geelong

November 19, 2015

Image Copyright GOOP Pty LtdGeelong is a vibrant city and contradicts to the constant national media theme of ‘doom and gloom’ in Geelong as propagated by politicians to serve their best interest. Yes we have lost some very old and tired industries that have in reality been dying for a very long time. Glad to see the defibrillators have been put aside and these anachronistic animals have been able to die a peaceful death.

On the upside, what the national press often fail to see (vecause it doesn’t sell papers or boost ratings) is that business is thriving in Geelong. One only has to look at the plethora of networking events happening in Geelong on a regular basis. With BNI being at the forefront of networking groups here in Geelong. Currently there are three other BNI chapters here in Geelong. Apart from BNI there are a lot of other networking opportunities here in Geelong.

Geelong City Council – Enterprise Geelong

Hats off to the local council and there active involvement in local business. Their active participation is to be commended with their co-ordination of the annual small business festival in August an amazing achievement. This on top of the other networking events they hold are fantastic including their business cafe events.

Geelong Chamber of Commerce

The Geelong Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest regional business bodies in the country. Boasting a membership in excess of 800 members  the chamber regularly hosts networking Events such as the Chamber after 5, small business buffets and breakfast meetings with some incredibly good speakers.

On top of theese key groups there are a lot of otehr  networking groups as teh Geelong Business Network and BPW geelong.

Without a doubt Geelong is close to if not the premier networking city in Australia. Business is thriving and local Geelong business networking groups goes a long way to ensuring that Geelong continues to thrive.

If you would like to join our local BNI business networking chapter apply now online.