Yearly Archive: 2010

BNI song from YouTube

December 22, 2010If you had to sum up BNI why not write a song, well worth a listen.    

Write it down!

November 22, 2010When BNI members are doing their 60 second infomercial, do you do any of the following: 1. Think about what you are going to say in your 60 second infomercial. 2. Think about what you’ll be doing on the weekend 3. Listen for what you fellow members are asking for. 4. Listen for what you...
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BNI gets physical with Fit For Living

November 15, 2010On a balmy Tuesday evening a number of ambitious Bay City Geelong members joined Tim Leposa from Fit For Living. Tim promised it would be a nice basic “easy” training session. I could go on and on with painstaking descriptions of the moaning and groaning that took place. Best to let the photos tell the...
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Leanne Whale is the winner

October 30, 2010Congratulations to Leanne Whale who won the inaugural perpetual trophy for outstanding member 2009 to 2010 for the Geelong – Bay City chapter of BNI. What more can we say than “winner winner chicken dinner”. Leanne worked hard during the year to assist the other members by supplying over 60 referrals, bringing 7 visitors and sponsoring...
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BNI Geelong Bay City Team Training reality check

October 22, 2010This week lets look at how well you have trained your sales team – your BNI Chapter Members. Why not do a survey? During the next few weeks make use of the “15 minutes of open networking” from 7.00 am to 7.15 am to ask members how well they know your business? Try the following...
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Brown Ink Design’s BATForce Branding testimonial

August 15, 2010I manage an organisation that has a long and proud history in the Barwon Region. To celebrate our 30 year anniversary it was decided we would rebrand and freshen up the face of the organisation. Being a ‘Not-for-profit Government Organisation’ this was a tough ask with a number of people very attached to the old...
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BNI Geelong Website & Social Media Seminar

August 14, 2010Last night a website and social media seminar was for BNI Geelong members. The event was presented by Michael Urquhart a multimedia developer/programmer. The night was attended by nine members. The seminar covered three main areas: 1. A ‘how to’ tutorial on using the BNI Geelong website blog. 2. An overview of social media with...
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A short course in human relations

June 22, 2010Submitted by Robyn Radomski of Conference Works – Wellington Harbour City Chapter The Six Most Important Words – ‘I admit I made a mistake’ The Five Most Important Words – ‘You did a Good Job’ The Four Most Important Words – ‘What is your opinion’ The Three Most Important Words – ‘Would you mind’ The...
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